Limbo presented their debut show “Fisting For Biscuits” at the Edinburgh Fringe, in The Counting House as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival.  Starring Limbo's original line-up of Joe Johnson, Andy Routledge and Ben Gregory-Ring.


Limbo tackled the wildest aspects of contemporary life, such as murder, obsession and fame, and dragged them kicking and screaming into their light-hearted, humorous world.  From sexual fascination with fruit to grief for your broken mug and the discovery of Elvis Presley hiding in your anus, the wacky characters and delicious scenarios featured in Limbo’s Fisting For Biscuits left audiences assured that dark humour had never shone so bright.


Praise for Limbo's 2013 Edinburgh Fringe show 'Fisting For Biscuits'

“a thoughtful show that was tightly structured and expertly performed”

“showed an impressive command of the mechanics of humour”

“delightfully demonstrates it’s possible to fashion high-quality comedy out of outrageousness”

“clever, slick and warm-hearted”